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Chris Petillo

President & CEO

Chris Petillo has spent over 30 years implementing and advancing technology and operational optimizations in healthcare for top companies and health systems, transforming clinical efficiencies, increasing revenue, and improving patient outcomes.  An early advocate and implementer of cloud image storage, his deep understanding of health IT has enabled him to engage in all clinical areas of healthcare including electronic medical records, departmental and enterprise ancillary systems, integration, data warehousing and analytics, and custom development.  He has been published in several magazines discussing his opinions and experiences in the early days of PACS and later in Enterprise Imaging.


In 2016, Chris started Rhyno Healthcare Solutions a healthcare professional and advisory services company.  Then in 2022, he started a sister company, Rhyno Healthcare International.  With his ability to translate the requirements and expected outcomes across all key stakeholders, he hopes to bring his insights, optimism, and determination as a change champion to help with the much-needed transformation of healthcare. 

Chris Petillo
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