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If a job is worth doing, 
is worth doing right . . .

With the right Healthcare Services, changes are for the better

Professional Services That Achieve Your Unique Needs 

First, we provide inception services with subject matter experts to help understand the current state and future needs of your organization.  Next, we adapt execution services, turnkey services, to transform your strategy into action for your unique needs.  Finally, we apply innovation services to maintain a successful go-live.  A successful go-live is not the end of the project, but the beginning of an ongoing optimization phase. From beginning to end of a project, our team will be present to protect your investment.

Professional Services:

  • Providing Experienced IT resources to healthcare organizations since 2016

  • Sharing our decades of healthcare experience as translators to payers, providers, and patients

  • Ensuring complete understanding, a voice at the table, and ultimate success for every project stakeholder

  • Enabling technical capabilities, clinical optimizations and operational efficiencies through our staff of industry experts

  • Providing Executive Advisory Services

  • Offering resources:

  •  Inception

  •  Execution

  •  Innovation​

Inception-LG B&W


Subject matter experts to help understand the current state and future needs of your organization. Our inception services include: 

  • Business Process Management to document current state processes and transform for future state requirements

  • Developing your long-term strategy

  • Leading Request for Information/Request for Proposal processes

  • Supporting the contracting process with selected vendors 

  • Creating a short and long-term roadmap 

  • Building the budget required for actual cost of ownership including any related return on investment

  • Navigating the communication channels

  • Establishing the appropriate governance teams

Execution-LG B&W


Turnkey services to transform your 
strategy into action.  Our team can 
adapt to your needs by:

  • Ensuring all requirements of your Program Management Office are satisfied by supplying our experienced program managers, project managers, and project coordinators

  • Documenting future state workflows and converting those workflows into the proper requirements by expert business analysts 

  • Supplying an infrastructure team to certify that the backend servers, network and disaster recovery plans are state of the art, documented, and fully tested  

  • Supporting full testing of your new system

  • Supporting the educational and go-live phases of your program with classroom and/or web-based training 

  • Providing round the clock command center support including an experienced “at the elbow” team to assist your end users 

  • Suppling all critical reporting and analytic needs so that reliable and actionable data is available from day one

Innovation-LG B&W


A successful go-live is not the end of the project, but the beginning of an ongoing optimization phase. Our team will protect your investment by:  

  • Understanding that focus must remain on post go-live deliverables and future phase requirements 

  • Implementing additional functionality, advance workflows, data archiving and system decommissioning 

  • Stabilizing and tuning the new system in the early days of the go-live 

  • Completing periodic health checks to ensure that the hardware and software is functioning as designed

  • Ensuring workflow integration and continued process improvement to meet new clinical, financial, or regulatory needs   

  • Delivering ongoing reporting, dashboards, and advanced analytic support    

  • Maintaining the governance structure, workstreams, and  communication plan along all the phases and lifecycles of your program

Download to learn more:

RHS - Professional Services.pdf

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