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If a job is worth doing, 
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With the right Healthcare Services, changes are for the better

Enterprise Imaging . . . Ensuring Your Enterprise Imaging Strategy Excels

A solid enterprise imaging strategy will ensure that both providers and patients have complete and efficient access to relevant imaging data and reports.  While typically having an initial focus in Radiology and Cardiology, the roadmap must include every image producing service line to avoid lost synergy and avoidable costs from disparate projects.  Constant review of current workflow & processes must be woven into the program timelines along with documented baseline metrics to ensure that post implementation outcomes can be measured and optimized.  Rhyno Healthcare Solutions can provide expertise in any of these areas but excels in owning the program end to end.

Enterprise Imaging Services:

  • Focusing on:

  • Unified Imaging Strategy

  • Measurable Outcomes

  • Workflow Optimization

  • End User Adoption

Our Enterprise Imaging Checklist Will Ensure Success

The Rhyno team has the experience and knowledge in all aspects of Enterprise Imaging. We will bring to your organization our years of experience of successful implementations and best practices for all phases of your Enterprise Imaging Project.

Rhyno consultants have in depth industry knowledge and over 30 years experience across all aspects of healthcare delivery.

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  • Develop, execute, monitor, and optimize an enterprise wide imaging strategy for every image producing service line ensuring maximum adoption and clinical effectiveness to improve patient outcomes.

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  • Governance, prioritization, and communication

  • Efficient data migration - including demographic and meta data management

  • Undocumented/unmeasured current state

  • Standardization across entire health system

  • Maximum usability for clinician - provisioning, permissions, mobility and speed

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  • All image types centrally and securely archived, and accessible to all clinicians in an integrated effective manner

  • All clinical and operational workflows documented and measured prior to implementation to ensure that outcomes can be tested and optimized

  • Continuous clear communication to all vendors and internal stakeholders so all deliverables are understood and agreed

  • No existing process/workflow is above being challenged

  • Go-live is a beginning, not an ending

  • Decommission of all retired systems to ensure maximum cost savings/avoidance

Download to learn more:

RHS - Enterprise Imagining Services.pdf

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