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When IT hits the fan,
IT is never too late to mend . . . 

Methodology that works for each unique Healthcare Implementation

When your healthcare system IT project has implementation problems, Rhyno puts its proven methodology to work for you. Rhyno strives to build trust by being reliable, honest, and supportive. We listen to all the voices involved in your project. By suspending judgment and approaching discussions with curiosity, Rhyno creates a safe space where everyone feels comfortable sharing their challenges, leading to deeper insights and innovative solutions. Discovering the challenges impeding project timelines, causing delays, increasing costs, and frustrating all stakeholders involved is our driving force. By understanding all obstacles and proactively addressing them, we set up a plan for you that empowers Rhyno to ensure smooth project execution and timely delivery of results. We are relentless. Rhyno keeps its eye on your prize and charges towards your successful outcome. We keep all players in the loop because everyone is crucial for a project’s success. Rhyno believes that the more transparent and open the communication, the smoother the project will be. We take the opportunity to align everyone's efforts, address any issues, and celebrate milestones. Rhyno knows that every time we deliver, it is a reflection on us. There is no room for failure. Rhyno charges forward, so you succeed, and we reap the benefits of your success.

Rhyno's Methodology:

  • Listen

  • Discover

  • Plan

  • Charge

  • Deliver

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"Leading the Charge",  a Proven Methodology That Ensures Success

We understand the critical importance of seamless and efficient IT solutions for healthcare organizations. With decades of healthcare experience as translators to payers, providers, and patients, our expert teams at RHS and RHI are "Leading the Charge" with a unique methodology that ensures your organization's success.

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Rhyno listens to all the voices at the table, so we can gain valuable insights. By actively listening, we uncover the paths to resolution uniquely tailored to your situation. Listening is how Rhyno can help identify and understand the core issues. Through open communication, reflective dialogue, and collaborative problem-solving, Rhyno starts the process of finding the solutions you seek.

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Problems often have layers, and addressing only the surface-level symptoms won't lead to a lasting solution. Creating an environment where issues can be openly discussed and solved collaboratively leads to Rhyno successfully discovering the problems that are lurking beneath the surface, waiting to be acknowledged. By acknowledging the problems that exist, Rhyno strives to be precise in defining your unique issues, making it easier to tailor the most effective solution for your needs.

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The ability to effectively solve problems is a crucial skill when striving to accomplish a solution. However, problem-solving is not always a straightforward process, and without a solid plan in place, it can become overwhelming and lead to suboptimal outcomes. We get to the root causes of your issues, so your stakeholders and Rhyno can gain a better understanding of your problems and develop the most effective strategies to solve them. With this solid understanding of your specific issues and their causes, Rhyno develops a problem-solving plan to bring you to success.

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Rhyno CHARGES forward by relentlessly following a systematic approach and implementing a comprehensive problem-solving plan based on your healthcare system’s particular needs. By tapping into the collective wisdom and creativity of those involved, we can turn problems into solutions. We enhance your problem-solving capabilities, which helps you achieve better outcomes and navigate complex challenges with confidence. By staying focused on the defined specifics and measurable objectives, Rhyno ensures that all actions are aligned with your desired results in mind.

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Rhyno is a solution delivery expert. We set clear objectives and goals that allow us to deliver and foster continuous improvements, which drive your project to a successful outcome. We provide direction and keep solution delivery focused on achieving your particular needs. Seeking feedback from stakeholders, analyzing the effectiveness of implemented phases, and identifying areas for improvement are essential steps Rhyno performs. We monitor and track progress to gain insights into whether the plan in place is producing the desired results. If efforts are causing bottlenecks, Rhyno will refine the plan to optimize your solution. Rhyno is always “Leading the Charge” to deliver you successful results.

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