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Solution Delivery Experts

If you have seen one EMR/EHR implementation, you have seen only one EMR/EHR implementation.  Every solution is different and requires an understanding of the clinical landscape and long-term strategy of the health system.  Varying legacy systems, specific clinical workflows, current ancillary integration, and organizational readiness all play into the planning, execution, and support of a successful transformation.  The Rhyno team has decades of expertise in clinical enterprise and ancillary system implementation, integration, and support.  We can translate the requirements between all stakeholders and ensure that all voices are heard.  We understand both the business and the technical needs as well as what defines success for each.  Using data driven, proven, and repeatable processes, along with transparent and effective stakeholder communication, we will partner with your organization every step of the journey.


  • Strategic Advisory

  • Enterprise Application Transformation

  • Private and Public Cloud Initiatives

  • Implementation, Optimization, and Support​

  • Resilience and Recovery

Strategic Advisory
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Strategic Advisory

Driving sustainable business growth through the development of innovative go to market strategies and the creating of industry leading solutions. We provide our experience and leadership to all areas of support, engagement delivery, team development and client relationship management. While working across all service lines we develop an individualized plan for your unique needs.

Enterprise Application Transformation
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Enterprise Application Transformation

Implementing enterprise technology while delivering continuous flexibility to work with your ever changing healthcare environments. Providing the services to allow enterprise systems to reap the benefits of their transformation.

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Private and Public Cloud Initiatives

Transforming your digital healthcare IT analytics, applications, and platforms.  We administer top tier continuous care in order for your team to achieve excellence in new cloud solutions. Let our experiences of past success led you to a better future.

Private and Public Cloud Initiatives
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Implementation, Optimization, and Support​

Understanding the current state and future needs of your organization. Our subject matter experts will implement the latest technologies to lead to highly effective and successful optimization. While a successful go-live is important, know we do not consider this the end of your project, but the beginning of our support of an ongoing optimization phase.

Implementation, Optimization, and Support
Resilience and Recovery
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Resilience and Recovery

The healthcare industry holds vast amounts of sensitive data, making protection against cyberattacks crucial. Establishing a Resilience and Recovery Plan before a disaster strikes is essential to ensure patient safety, protect all stakeholders, and maintain uninterrupted daily operations. Rhyno Healthcare Solutions is here to help you create a comprehensive Resilience and Recovery Plan by addressing key steps to safeguard your organization and prevent it from becoming a victim of cyber threats.

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