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About Us

Rhyno Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (herein known as Rhyno or RHS), is a healthcare professional services firm providing experienced IT resources to healthcare organizations. Our leadership has decades of healthcare experience as translators to payers, providers, and patients.  Now, with our sister company, Rhyno Healthcare International, LLC (herein known as RHI), we are “Leading the Charge . . .”with a unique methodology that combines the execution of technical plans with a deep understanding of your organization’s needs. We do this by deploying teams highly adept in business process analysis, impact analysis, risk mitigation, and change management. These attributes, combined with the expert implementation of the latest technologies, lead to highly effective and successful engagements.

With the Right Healthcare Solutions, Great Things Can Happen

  • Strategic Advisory

  • Enterprise Application Transformation

  • Private and Public Cloud Initiatives

  • Implementation, Optimization, and Support



We Offer Solutions

"If you have seen one EMR/EHR implementation, you have seen only one EMR/EHR implementation."  Every solution is different and requires understanding of the clinical landscape and long term strategy of the health system.   Varying legacy systems, specific clinical workflows, current ancillary integration, and organizational readiness all play into the planning, execution, and support of a successful transformation.  The Rhyno team has decades of expertise in clinical enterprise and ancillary system implementation, integration, and support.   We can translate the requirements between all stakeholders and ensure that all voices are heard.  We understand both the business and the technical needs and what defines success for each.  Using data driven, proven, and repeatable processes, along with transparent and effective stakeholder communication, we will partner with your organization every step of the journey.

Strategic Advisory

Driving sustainable business growth through the development of innovative go to market strategies and the creating of industry leading solutions. We provide our experience and leadership to all areas of support, engagement delivery, team development and client relationship management. While working across all service lines we develop a individualized plan for your unique needs.

Enterprise Application Transformation

Implementing enterprise technology while delivering continuous flexibility to work with your ever changing healthcare environments. Providing the services to allow enterprise systems to reap the benefits of their transformation.

Public and Private Cloud Initiatives

Transforming your digital healthcare IT analytics, applications, and platforms.  We administer top tier continuous care in order for your team to achieve excellence in new cloud solutions. Let our experiences of past success led you to a better future.

Implementation, Optimization, and Support

Understanding the current state and future needs of your organization. Our subject matter experts will implement the latest technologies to lead to highly effective and successful optimization. While a successful go-live is important, know we do not consider this the end of your project, but the beginning of our support of an ongoing optimization phase.

Methodology That Works for Each Unique Healthcare Implementation

  • Engage

  • Plan

  • Execute

  • Go-Live

  • Support


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Proven Methodology That Ensures Success

Our team has the experience and knowledge in all aspects of EHR implementation methodology.

We will bring to your organization our years of experience in successful implementations and best practices for all phases of your EHR lifecycle.



  • Confirm Executive 


  • Requirements 


  • Review Current State



  • Finalize Timeline and 


  • Define Program

  • Management Strategy​

  • Finalize Resource


  • Define Onboard Plan


  • Delivery of Services 

  • Care Plan Evaluation 

         and Gap Analysis

  • Order Set Design

  • Application,         Integrated, and User    Acceptance Testing

  • Business Sign Off


  • Detailed Cutover Plan 

  • Active 24x7             Command Center

  • Rapid Issue


  • At the Elbow Support

  • Review/Adjust/Revise


  • Stabilization and

            Health Checks

  • Optimization Plan

  • Documentation/


  • End User Acceptance

  • Review/Adjust/Revise

With the Right Healthcare Services, Changes Are for the Better

  • Inception

  • Execution

  • Innovation



We Offer Services

First, we provide inception services with subject matter experts to help understand the current state and future needs of your organization.  Next, we adapt execution services, turnkey services, to transform your strategy into action for your unique needs.  Finally, we apply innovation services to maintain a successful go-live.  A successful go-live is not the end of the project, but the beginning of an ongoing optimization phase. From beginning to end of a project, our team will be present to protect your investment.


  • IT Strategy

  • Current State Discovery

  • RFI/RFP Support

  • Vendor Management

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Budget Planning

  • Governance


  • Program Management

  • Application Support

  • Infrastructure Services

  • Education

  • Go-live Support

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Governance


  • System Tuning and Stabilization

  • Dashboards and Analytics

  • Periodic Health Checks

  • Clinical Workflow Integration

  • Continuous Improvement Process

  • System Expansion

  • Governance

"Rhyno has been a terrific partner for our IT team, providing strong leadership and healthcare technology expertise as we have tackled some very large, complex, and time sensitive programs.  Rhyno has shown repeatedly that their team can deliver, and with high quality. I highly recommend Rhyno for both thought leadership and execution proficiency."

Jo Abernathy,
Chief Information Officer

What Our Clients Say

"Rhyno has been a terrific partner for our IT team, providing strong leadership and healthcare technology expertise as we have tackled some very large, complex, and time sensitive programs.  Rhyno has shown repeatedly that their team can deliver, and with high quality. I highly recommend Rhyno for both thought leadership and execution proficiency."

Jo Abernathy,
Chief Information Officer

"I have found Rhyno to be composed of experienced leaders who are well versed in all areas of Healthcare IT. . . we have partnered with Rhyno . . . on strategic initiatives from data analysis readiness assessments to application integration projects which improve patient engagement and outcomes.  Rhyno's leaders are always well informed, succinct, and exemplary strategic thinkers. . . I recommend Rhyno without reservation."

Matt Lepkowski,

Founder of

Business Automation Experts

". . .Their clear understanding of Information Technology, organizational maturity, and application architecture have enabled us to expand the scope of strategic and operational support provided to clients. Their expertise in all levels of healthcare integration ensure we are able to deliver a full range of assessment, planning, and implementation services. . . we unequivocally recommend Rhyno Healthcare . . ."

Tony Merlo,

Chief Knowledge Officer

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Explore the News at Rhyno

June 21, 2022

This has been a Pandemic in the making. We are proud to announce that Rhyno is going international. Discussions started in late 2019 and we finally opened our new company doors last week.
Rhyno Healthcare Solutions, Inc. isn't going anywhere. We are just branching out with a new company to continue to "Lead the Charge". Chris Petillo and Ellen Morrow look forward to bringing the same level of our services to a bigger international audience.


March 31, 2023

Rhyno’s own Chris Petillo has been sighted as one of the “Top 10 IT Consulting And Services Business Leaders to Watch in 2023” according to Entrepreneur magazine. Entrepreneur’s April 2023, issue, reports Chris and the others “have set their sights on changing how business is done. These ten business leaders have mastered the art of developing and delivering efficient systems transforming companies across all industries from cloud-based solutions to application development. Their passion for pushing the boundaries of technology has earned them a place as some of the most promising entrepreneurs in this field, and they are sure to be an inspiration to other aspiring tech pros for years to come.”  

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June 27, 2023

“My primary motivation is the reward of being a Solution Delivery provider.  A full solution within every IT project can be a wide variety of things.  It can be technical, operational, financial, translational or even just emotional.  It amazes me how many issues can be resolved in a 20 minute phone call with the appropriate people.  Issues that can remain unresolved for days or weeks, can be resolved in an hour.  That is what Rhyno brings to the party and one of my most rewarding motivations.  This motivation is not just mine, but one shared by the entire Rhyno team.  Each challenge we face is a stepping stone towards achieving the right solution.
. . . our team is a crucial motivation for me.  Their passion, commitment, and expertise are truly inspiring.  In the face of adversity, we support each other, learn from our experiences, and come out stronger.”

Meet the Rhynos

Our Teams

Our teams have over 30 years of healthcare IT implementation experience.

Get Ready to Maximize Your Healthcare IT Outcomes With Us Leading the Charge . . .

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