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Meet Our Team

The Rhyno team has over 30 years of healthcare IT implementation experience.

Rhyno Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (herein known as Rhyno and RHS), is a healthcare professional services firm based in the United States. We have been in business since 2016, deploying highly-technical resources to healthcare organizations for infrastructure requirements and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) implementations. Our leadership is comprised of individuals who have decades of healthcare experience delivering technical solutions to payers, providers, and patients. 

Our unique methodology combines the execution of technical plans with a deep understanding of your organization’s needs. We do this by deploying teams highly adept in business process analysis, impact analysis, risk mitigation, and change management. These attributes, combined with the expert implementation of the latest technologies, lead to highly effective and successful engagements.

Chris Petillo
President & CEO

Chris Petillo has spent over 30 years implementing and advancing technology and operational optimizations in healthcare for top companies and health systems, transforming clinical efficiencies, increasing revenue, and improving patient outcomes.  An early advocate and implementer of cloud image storage, his deep understanding of health IT has enabled him to engage in all clinical areas of healthcare including electronic medical records, departmental and enterprise ancillary systems, integration, data warehousing and analytics, and custom development.  He has been published in several magazines discussing his opinions and experiences in the early days of PACS and later in Enterprise Imaging.

In 2016, Chris started Rhyno Healthcare Solutions a healthcare professional and advisory services company.  Then in 2022, he started a sister company, Rhyno Healthcare International.  With his ability to translate the requirements and expected outcomes across all key stakeholders, he hopes to bring his insights, optimism, and determination as a change champion to help with the much-needed transformation of healthcare. 

Sherri Dove
Director of Talent & Recruiting

Sherri Mark Dove brings to her role as Director of Talent & Recruiting of Rhyno Healthcare Solutions an extensive track record of success in the business of healthcare technology. Her work in the medical field is built on a strong foundation of the client-side paradigm, illustrated by her 10 years of service as a Radiology Administrator for Next Generation Radiology, a multi-modality office with three locations.  Through her comprehensive expertise acquired from having a deep understanding of the customer's requirements, the ability to translate those needs across IT delivery teams and key stakeholders, her excellent skills in follow up and delivery, and an overall positive and energetic personality, Sherri contributes a highly holistic perspective to healthcare information technology.

John Kopchik
Senior Solution Delivery Manager

John Kopchik is a solutions oriented Senior Manager with experience leading teams through every stage of the EMR lifecycle.  From evaluation and selection to implementation and ongoing support of systems, he has 30+ years of experience.  He has led more than five EMR implementations in various healthcare information system environments.  With a strong focus on revenue cycle, payer systems related applications, troubleshooting challenges, and effective change management, he has enabled positive growth throughout the organizations he has supported. Besides for his EMR expertise, he has also supported data warehouse implementations as well as supporting ERP related scanning applications.  Also, he has been in several roles involving change control requiring extensive vendor interaction.

Kristie Petillo
Communication Specialist & Social Media Manager 

Kristie Petillo has worked at a major health insurance company in their IT Communications and Technical Writing Department. She brings her literary expertise to create clear and concise corporate messaging.  Kristie’s experience with the digital arts, specifically for instruction and advertisement, and her passion for writing enables her to incorporate creativity into all healthcare IT venues.  Kristie hopes to bring her optimism and determination to your team, and looks forward to help foster communication between Rhyno and all the branches of your organization.

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