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Meet Our Team

The RHI team has over 30 years of healthcare IT implementation experience.

Rhyno Healthcare International, LLC (herein known as RHI), is a healthcare professional services firm based in the United States. RHI opened in 2022. RHI's sister company, Rhyno Healthcare Solutions, Inc., has been in business since 2016.  Like its sister company, RHI will be deploying highly-technical resources to healthcare organizations for infrastructure requirements and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) implementations. Our leadership is comprised of individuals who have decades of healthcare experience delivering technical solutions to payers, providers, and patients. 

Our unique methodology combines the execution of technical plans with a deep understanding of your organization’s needs. We do this by deploying teams highly adept in business process analysis, impact analysis, risk mitigation, and change management. These attributes, combined with the expert implementation of the latest technologies, lead to highly effective and successful engagements.

Chris Petillo
President & CEO

Chris Petillo has spent over 30 years implementing and advancing technology and operational optimizations in healthcare for top companies and health systems, transforming clinical efficiencies, increasing revenue, and improving patient outcomes.  An early advocate and implementer of cloud image storage, his deep understanding of health IT has enabled him to engage in all clinical areas of healthcare including electronic medical records, departmental and enterprise ancillary systems, integration, data warehousing and analytics, and custom development.  He has been published in several magazines discussing his opinions and experiences in the early days of PACS and later in Enterprise Imaging.

In 2016, Chris started Rhyno Healthcare Solutions a healthcare professional and advisory services company.  Then in 2022, he started a sister company, Rhyno Healthcare International.  With his ability to translate the requirements and expected outcomes across all key stakeholders, he hopes to bring his insights, optimism, and determination as a change champion to help with the much-needed transformation of healthcare. 

Ellen Morrow
SVP, Program Management Office

Ellen Morrow is a successful independent consultant and one of the owning partners along with Rhyno Healthcare Solutions, on their new joint venture into the international market.  She has led key projects in numerous locations across the United States, several large provinces of Canada, and in the United Kingdom.

Ellen brings many years of vendor, insurance and hospital experience, and a very flexible “out of the box” perspective of systems and solutions. She takes the lead, personally ensuring that her team provides exceptional customer service through the application of experience-backed solutions for everyday problems.  Ellen has an extremely successful track record for managing large projects, leading large teams, and working with the C-Level Suite to ensure collaboration and successful outcomes.

Michael Donovan
President Global Sales & Advisory Services

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Michael Donovan has 25 years of healthcare IT experience, including 17+ years in international markets, leveraging entrepreneurial drive and market acumen for top and bottom-line client success. He started his career in implementation services, and now, his primary focus and passion is business development at the intersection of healthcare and IT.  A diplomatic communicator, he builds trust through sincere engagement and builds advantageous worldwide relationships.  He has successfully executed multiple start-ups focused on professional services and third party integration into the leading EMR systems globally. He has a passion for travel and improving patient outcomes via healthcare technology.

Kristie Petillo
Communication Specialist & Social Media Manager 

Kristie Petillo has worked at a major health insurance company in their IT Communications and Technical Writing Department. She brings her literary expertise to create clear and concise corporate messaging.  Kristie’s experience with the digital arts, specifically for instruction and advertisement, and her passion for writing enables her to incorporate creativity into all healthcare IT venues.  Kristie hopes to bring her optimism and determination to your team, and looks forward to help foster communication between Rhyno and all the branches of your organization.

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